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Dec 5 2012

Adelca Steel Manufacturer, Ecuador

Carbon Masters carried out a full Greenhouse Gas (GHG) assessment to identify the carbon ‘hot spots’ throughout ADELCA’s operations. The first step was a GHG assessment leveraging Carbon Guru for Organisations, an industry-leading cloud-based carbon accounting software tool. Consumption data for electricity, diesel bunker oil, waste, water, vehicle fuels, fugitive emissions, plus materials used in the steel making process (process emissions) etc. was collected and used to calculate total carbon emissions. The second step was to take a closer look at the steel production processes themselves and to compare selected key performance indicators against typical values in other plants in Europe and Asia. As an additional service, Carbon Masters also designed and delivered a training programme for personnel from ADELCA in the UK, designed to provide ADELCA with the inspiration and information required to become a leader in sustainability.

Key areas of improvement identified

Carbon Masters provided a series of recommendations designed to reduce ADELCA’s carbon emissions and cut costs. These involved the following:

  • The development and implementation of a Carbon Management Plan for the entire organisation that has support from senior management.
  • The design and implementation of a series of specific emission reduction activities.
  • Reduce electricity consumption per unit of steel produced by the provision of specialist advice on improving the energy efficiency across the plant.
  • A review of transportation / logistics procedures.


Energy, business travel, waste, water and logistics/deliveries etc. all provide potential opportunities to reduce carbon emissions and cut costs right across ADELCA’s operations. In particular, the KPI figures for ADELCA’s production processes indicate significant cost savings potential from a number of identified improvements.


“Carbon Masters have helped us calculate our carbon emissions across our operations including at our steel production plant. The Carbon Footprint Report details our total emissions and also provides recommendations for future emission reductions. We found this information very useful as it helps us make decisions on where to start reducing carbon emissions and to cut energy costs.”

Marco Oleas, Director, ADELCA

Next Steps

Making the business case for reducing carbon is of paramount importance, and in ADELCA’s case, energy efficiency makes good business as well as being the sustainable option. That is why Carbon Masters is now working to carry out more in-depth assessments of ADELCA’s steel production processes to implement some of the identified efficiency savings, and to develop an overall Carbon Management Plan.

About Carbon Masters

Carbon Masters is a carbon management consultancy which helps organisations in the public and private sector to measure, manage, reduce and report their carbon emissions.



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