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What is Carbon Lites?

Every day, offices, restaurants, homes, schools and universities dispose of tonnes of organic material such as surplus food and unwanted by-products of various processes. This is known as “wet waste”. Traditionally this waste is headed to, at best, the compost heap, at worst, landfill. We are changing that. By collecting this organic material and combining it with microorganisms in a process called anaerobic digestion (AD), we are able to turn that “waste” into energy.

We call it Carbon Lites. It solves a burning issue naturally.

Carbon Lites is renewable natural gas that burns longer and stronger than alternatives such as LPG and is 100% carbon neutral in use. It’s Fuel you can cook with. Fuel that can power your car or your truck. Fuel to run your generator on. What’s more, at the end of the process, we’re not left with a useless bi-product or an unwanted or harmful slurry, but enriched, organic manure.

At present, we are operating a pilot scheme in Bangalore, India that is growing all the time. Collecting wet waste from over 80 restaurants in the city, this is converted into fuel at our plant just outside the city before the fuel is delivered to various businesses. Our trucks that collect the waste and deliver the fuel also run on Carbon Lites. We have also developed bespoke infrastructure so that anyone who has run on fossil fuels in the past can quickly and safely make the switch to Carbon Lites.

How can I get involved?

Try Carbon Lites now

Most businesses are dependent on some form of fuel, whether it be diesel to power their trucks or LPG to cook their food. This reliance on fossil fuels is not only unsustainable and environmentally unfriendly, but also increasingly expensive as their scarcity increases and subsidies fall. Wouldn’t it be better if you could run your business on something that was carbon-neutral, locally produced and cost-effective? Something that helps protect long-term energy security for you as well as the wider community? All of this is possible with Carbon Lites.

Would you like to trial carbon Lites in your restaurant or hotel? Check out our case studies of restaurants and hotels already enjoying the benefits of using Carbon Lites in Bangalore

Are you a bulk waste generator?

How do you dispose of it? If you are based in Bangalore, you are probably well aware of the lack of waste disposal options and the closure of landfill sites around the city meaning there are fewer and fewer places for your waste to go. By signing up for the Carbon Lites Pick Up Service, you not only find a solution to this issue for your business, you also know that your waste is becoming part of a solution to India’s energy and waste problems. Your ‘waste’ is no longer sitting in landfill, or blighting the landscape of your city. Instead it’s becoming fuel for someone’s car, or manure for someone’s vegetables. It’s not waste at all.

Can we help you set up your own biogas facility and produce carbon neutral fuel and rich organic fertilizer for your business?

At present, we are operating our pilot scheme in the city of Bangalore in Karnataka, India. However, as a global company who’s core business has always been carbon management consultancy, Carbon Masters are always looking at opportunities to work with other individuals, organisations and companies on projects relating to carbon mitigation and adapting to climate change.

We are already working with organisations further afield, advising and assisting on the creation of similar initiatives, whether it be helping businesses move to low-carbon processes or even setting up an AD plant. If this sounds like you, then please get in touch.

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