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Carbon Reporting

Carbon Reporting

Organisations face increasing pressure from investors, customers, stakeholders and employees to measure and report their carbon emissions.

As the old adage goes, ‘what gets measured gets managed’ and understanding how best to measure and report carbon emissions is increasingly viewed as an essential pillar of any organisation’s sustainability strategy. Accurate and transparent carbon reporting can help organisations to identify opportunities to reduce costs, can improve reputation and can create areas of differentiation from competitors.

If your organisation is UK-based and a large energy user, its likely that you’re already impacted by a range of voluntary and mandatory carbon reporting initiatives, such as the CRC, CCA and EU ETS. If your company is listed on the London Stock Exchange you’ll also soon be part of the government’s new Mandatory Carbon Reporting Initiative. With a plethora of legislation and guidance to understand and adhere to, seeking independent advice is a good first step for most businesses.

How can we help?

Carbon Masters have a comprehensive end-to-end range of services to help you respond to these complex and often overlapping carbon reporting requirements

– We offer a  ‘readiness assessment’ – to evaluate how prepared your organisation is to meet new and existing reporting requirements

– We provide tailored training packages – to help you develop in-house expertise on carbon footprinting and carbon policy

– Our industry-leading software solution Carbon Guru for Organisations is designed to assist with data collection, analysis and reporting.

– We have experience in preparing bespoke carbon footprint reports that adhere to both internal and external requirements.

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